mSecure banners and logos for iTunes/App Store


Final app icon and logo banner design for iTunes and App Store.

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mSecure App Store

Logo/Header designs for App Store

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iTunes / App Store mock-ups

The final round of designs get dropped into the iTunes App Store window to see which one stands out the best in a sea of logos.

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Early 2014 web site design and development project promoting mSecure, mGifts and support.

CMS: Drupal 7

mSecure Password Manager app


mSecure for iOS

Project: mSecure Apps UI Design Details: Redesign mSecure App Icon and mSecure user interface for iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps, Android app, and OSX desktop app.

mSecure for OSX

mSecure for Android

mGifts iOS app


Right up until Christmas, the developers at mSeven Software were redesigning and polishing their mGifts app; a great app for organizing your gifts list for birthdays, Christmas, and other events. I was happily designing the user interface graphics and some navigational elements for them to incorporate into the app for the next big release.

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iTunes app Store screenshots, iPhone

iTunes app Store screenshots, iPad

iPhone Illustrations


I was working on some UI stuff for an iOS app the oteer day and needed an image of an iPhone 4S for a small graphic element. I Googled my fingers to the bone in search of anything that would work, but no such luck. In the past I would just snap a shot of my own iPhone or use a photo of it as a guide but this just had to happen before my new 4S arrived, which I had already ordered.

A few of the images I found out there, which were mostly in ads and promotions, were good enough to use as a guide to draw my own iPhone. Luckily for me, the iPhone’s design is clean, simple and easily reproduced within a couple hours in Illustrator. In the end I had a nice vector illustration of my iPhone 4S (and later my iPhone 5) that I can scale up and down till the cows come home which I can use for other designs later.

As iPhones evolve I continue to create vector renderings of each for use in all kinds of media.