iPhone Illustrations


I was working on some UI stuff for an iOS app the oteer day and needed an image of an iPhone 4S for a small graphic element. I Googled my fingers to the bone in search of anything that would work, but no such luck. In the past I would just snap a shot of my own iPhone or use a photo of it as a guide but this just had to happen before my new 4S arrived, which I had already ordered.

A few of the images I found out there, which were mostly in ads and promotions, were good enough to use as a guide to draw my own iPhone. Luckily for me, the iPhone’s design is clean, simple and easily reproduced within a couple hours in Illustrator. In the end I had a nice vector illustration of my iPhone 4S (and later my iPhone 5) that I can scale up and down till the cows come home which I can use for other designs later.

As iPhones evolve I continue to create vector renderings of each for use in all kinds of media.